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Wooden paddle black cardboard

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  • Brand:    peony
  • Type:    110g、 120g、 150g、 200g、 250g、 300g、 350g、 400g、 450g
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product name:Peony full wood paddle through heart black cardboard

Gram weight:110g、 120g、 150g、 200g、 250g、 300g、 350g、 400g、 450g

specification:Reel 787mm and 889mm   Flatness and generosity,Can be customized special specifications

Features:All-wood paddle-through black cardboard has thick and uniform paper blackness, no white spots on the surface, fine paper texture, good stiffness, mild and stable color, no fading, uniform blackness on paper, good stiffness and flat paper The physical strength is also high, and the color of the middle sandwich is also black. It is made of raw wood pulp. It has super high stiffness, perfect smoothness and flatness. The surface can see slender paper fibers, strong tensile strength and strong toughness。

Uses: All-wood paddle-to-the-heart black cardboard has a wide range of uses because of its good quality. It can be used for envelope bags, tote bags, elevators, tags, high-strength cardboard without delamination, card boxes, packaging boxes and other uses.

The color of all-wood paddle-through black cardboard with different weights is relatively stable。

No matter whether it is bronzing, UV printing, white ink printing, beer line bursting, laminating paper lamination。

Of course, because Qianhui Paper has more than 10 years of experience in professionally making kraft and black cardboard, we always stock 787 and 889 rolls to facilitate customers' cutting and special regulations to save costs。

Why not worry?

I believe that many customers who have used black cardboard know that the most worrying problems of black cardboard are color difference, bronzing oxidation, and improper printing of white ink. This black cardboard can solve all your problems, so we take this This type of black cardboard is also called worry-free black cardboard。

Of course, there are so many things that customers have to try and use. It reflects that it is the most real. I look forward to cooperating with you。

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